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Dale Wade

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PostSubject: Application   Thu Aug 27, 2009 1:54 am

1) Register on the forums.
2) Fill this out and post it in a reply.

Handler name:


Wrestlers name:

Poser (pic for you wrestler, please see what ones are in use)

Heel or face?

Describe your wrestler's appearance:

What style is your wrestler: (Technical, High flyer, Brawler, Hardcore, etc.)

Ring entrance: (this will be used in the results, so please add detail)

Top 5 moves:

Submission moves:

Weapon of choice, if any:

Sub Finisher: (Set up for your finisher)

finisher: (describe finisher)

Small Bio:

Sample roleplay:
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The Viper

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PostSubject: Re: Application   Thu Aug 27, 2009 1:57 am

Handler name: Cory

Email: cbirch1117@aol.com

Wrestlers name: The Viper

Poser : Sting

Heel or face? (good or bad) : Face

describe your wrestlers: The Viper stands at 6 feet tall and weighs in at 230 pounds. The Viper wears black wrestling tights/tank top one piece, black boots, black elbow pads,

and black grappling gloves. The legs of the tights are decorated with a red design similar to that of a tribal arm band. He wears face paint that varies from week to week, but

the colors are always Black, White, and occasionally Red.

What style is your wrestler: Big Risk Taker, Willing to flip off of the ropes. Agile, yet physical.

Ring entrance: The Viper's entrance music is Metallica – For Whom The Bell Tolls. The arena goes pitch black. The bell then tolls, followed by a huge explosion on stage (kane)

The lights then turn all red and The Viper is standing on the stage. He begins to walk to the ring at normal pace. He dives and slides under the bottom rope and proceeds to

climb a turnbuckle. Once on the top he raises both arms up, fists clenched and back flips off the top to the ring. He then waits the match start.

Top 5 moves: Swanton Bomb, DDT, Belly to Belly Suplex, Lionsault, Somersault into a clothesline

Submission moves: The Venom(Stepover Toehold Facelock (John Cena's STFU)

Weapon of choice if any: Chair

Sub Finisher: Groin Kick and/or gut kick

finisher: Snake Bite - After kicking an opponent in the groin and/or gut The Viper jumps forward (to the left of his opponent) and places his left hand on his opponents

forehead. His right hand reaches around the back and grabs the neck of the opponent. This causes both superstars' legs to extend out in opposite directions as they slam to the

ground. It is a modified swinging neckbreaker.

Small Bio: Growing up as an athletic student The Viper quickly learned the payoff of taking risks. Although he learned they could fail miserably the rewards for a successful

flip was well worth it. Having majored in psychology The Viper rarely falls victim to psychological attacks. However, when fighting Giants he must rely on speed as his

strength falls way short of those likes. As he worked his way through the ranks of wrestling he has gained legions of wrestling friends. However, he has betrayed teamates to

gain singles gold. He has been missing from action in any federation for a few years now.

Sample roleplay:

The arena goes pitch black. A bell tolls twice and a huge explosion of flames shoots from the stage as For Whom The Bell Tolls starts playing. The lights turn red and The Viper is standing mid stage looking up into the crowd. The crowd is fairly silent. No one seems to know who this guy is. The Viper walks to the ring, slides under the bottom rope and climbs up to the top rope. He raises both fists up in the air and backflips into the ring. The fans cheer for the flip. The Viper goes over and grabs a microphone.

The Viper: Judging by your silence I'm assuming you all don't know me. Trust me, you soon will. Allow me to introduce myself, I'm The Viper! I promise you one thing, I will rise to the top of the XWW with or without your support. I've been adored by crowds like you, and I've been hated and I've still risen to the to! Now, to the so-called superstars of the XWW. I'm here to win, not to make friends! I'm going to make an impact! I don't care who you are, what your status here is, what your records are, or what you've done in the XWW or anywhere else for that matter. I will crush ANYONE who stands in my way. Allow me to issue a warning to anyone who decides that they are going to stand in my way - I will strike when you least expect it, and don't be surprised when you fall to the The Viper.

The arena lights turn all red again and For Whom The Bell Tolls begins playing. The Viper climbs up to the top rope and a few flashbulbs go off. With this The Viper raises both fists clenched and back flips out of the ring. He walks up the ramp and heads to the back.
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PostSubject: Re: Application   Thu Aug 27, 2009 2:25 am

Wrestler Name-"Mr.Nasty"Will Gallo

Wrestler Picture /Poser- Triple H


Description- Height-6'5 Weight 270 Brown shoulder length hair, wears black trunks,boots,elbow and knee pads. Initials W.G. in gold on boots.

Small Bio.- Born in Pittsburgh,Pa. Lives in Miami,Fla. Trained by Ric Flair and Arn Anderson in North Carolina.

Ring Entrance- As the sound of Master of Puppets by Metallica blairs filling the arena,Black and gold spotlights illuminate the stage and ramp leading to the ring. Will Gallo walks out onto the stage hands on hips as the crowd showers him with boo's and jeer's. He stands there for a moment and relishes in the hatred aimed at him. The Highlights of recent matches playing on the replay screen, His trademark black jacket with his initials in Gold on the back with Mr.Nasty underneath them shines from the spotlights,As he strolls down the ramp to the ring he adjusts his black elbow pads. as he reaches the ring area he stops and walks over to a young fan waving a sign by the barricade. Gallo takes the sign from the younster and glances at it,Then he fakes giving it back to the young fan rips the sign in half and throws it down onto the floor. The crowd reacts with more boo's as Gallo slowly ascends the steel steps and into the ring.Gallo mounts the second turnbuckle and faces the crowd using vulgar hand jestures aimed their way.He does this in each corner then as his music dies down black and gold pyro shoots up into the air from the ring posts. Gallo turns and looks back towards the stage and awaits his opponent

Top 5 Moves- Flying clothesline,DDT,Gordbuster,Spinebuster,standerd suplex

Finisher(s)-Tombstone Piledriver, Pittsburgh Plunge(PEDIGREE), Figure Four
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big sal fanucci


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PostSubject: Application   Mon Aug 31, 2009 3:51 am

Handler Name: Sal
E-Mail: None

Wrestler Name: Big Sal Fanucci
Wrestler Pic/Poser: Big Show
Wrestling Style: Powerful, Hardcore, Brawler, Has suprising speed and agility for his size, Knows all basic wrestling moves, uses the ropes for leaverage, rarely goes to the top turnbuckle unless he needs to shows no mercy when he has an opponent in trouble he finishes him off ruthlessly.
Height: 7"feet 0'
Weight: 440 lbs
Hair: Bald
Small Bio: born and lives in Miami, Fla. Graduate of university of Miami related to Will Gallo

In ring Attire: Black One strap Singlet, Black Boots with Big Sal on the sides.Black knee pads.
Entrance: Music, For whom the bell tolls by Metallica fills the arena from the P.A. system as blinding white pyro and strobe lights engulf the stage and top of the rampway, The strobe lights shut off as Big Sal emerges onto the stage, He appears indifferent to the crowd who greet him with boos and jeers. He raises his mammoth arms up in the air for a moment thenswings them down toards the ground as an explosion of white pyro goes off all around him. He slowly walks down the ramp towards the ring, answering the fans boos and jeers with taunts off his own. As he reaches the ring he climbs up on the apron and steps over the top rope and walks to the center of the ring and raises one arm high over his head then drops it down in a slam motion as white pyro shoots out of the ring posts as his music dies down. He turns and stares towards the stage.

Top 5 Moves:

Boot to the Face

Giant Suplex

Body Slam

Spine Buster

Set Up Moves:
Right fist to the jaw

Two Hand Choke Slam

Running Power Slam

Iron Claw Face Slam

Sub Finishers:Boot to the midsection(for Tombstone Piledriver) Irish whips opponent into ropes and grabs them by the throat when they rebound off the ropes(for ChokeSlam)
Finishing Moves:
TombStone Pile Driver

Choke Slam

Weapon of Choice: Brass Knuckles, (If not available any thing else wiil do.!)

Sample RP:
Big Sal looks straight into the camera with an evil smile on his face, He raises a microphone to his mouth and begins to speak.
Big Sal: I have heard that this is the place to come for competition and titles, Well I want everyone here in XWW to know that Big Sal Fanucci is coming to wreak havoc on this company.
Now there a few men here who are considered Icons, We shall see if that is true Won't we gentlemen. I'm sure some of you have met one of my friends who is already here. My major interest is to Tag - Team with him and persue the tag team Titles, However I will involve myself in singles matches as long as I am allowed. and when I feel the need to get involved in a situation I judge my involvement is warrented. I WILL DO SO. AND WOE TO THAT UNFORTUNATE PERSON WHO FORCES MY INVOLVEMENT IN SAID SITUATION.
I stand 7 feet tall and weigh over 440 lbs, Now who here in the locker room can match my size, let alone my speed. I am the fastest man my size in this buisness so be prepared XWW superstars because Big Sal Fanucci is about to enter this company and make life miserable for some people. HA HA HA!!
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PostSubject: Re: Application   

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