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First of all, welcome!
So, you're thinking of joining us here at the United States Wrestling Federation? Here are some basic guidelines we ask you to follow, along with basic standards;

We only allow original, self-created characters here, this means gimmicks as well. If your character walks, talks, and acts like "Stone Cold Steve Austin" then guess what? It is "Stone Cold Steve Austin" and will not be allowed.

One competitor or tag-team per handler. A manager is also allowed for both. Your tag team will not be allowed to compete in the solo circuit on a regular basis. For example, Bob and Joe are a tag team. Neither Bob or Joe will ever compete for a singles championship, unless the other member of the team is on a hiatus. Also, don't go registering different e-mails to get around this either. Management can look up IP addresses. However, if you've been around long enough and desire to bring in a second character, contact the administration. With an unanimous decision we will allow your wishes to be granted. However, you will be placed on a one month probationary period. If we feel your rhythm has suffered, management reserves the right to reverse their votes.

The administration can use your character to boost / create / resolve angles as we see fit.

Should you decide to leave without proper notice, we reserve the right to use your character for up to three weeks to close out any associated angles. Again, as we see fit.


Do not "challenge" or accuse the administration of "playing favorites" or "hating / having it out" for you. When all is said and done, the administration has final say in

concerns of story lines and judging. If you have an issue, please take it up with the administration via PM.

Please, no whining!

The Arena Boards:
This is our central communication area. This is where the following will be;
Role-Playing: (Developmental, Mayhem! and PPV)

We create threads for your matches here in USWF. If your character isn't included in the match, please do not reply in that thread. Please keep all out-of-character comments to the OOC boards or PM, please. Do not use another character without the consent of their handler. Do not cause physical harm to members of the administration or roster either.

This is where you post random things you want to discuss, etc. No spamming, you know what this means. Please, no fighting as well. As entertaining as it can be sometimes, if you have to discuss something with someone, please use PM's. If things get out of hand and an Admin has to step in, actions will be taken.

Not that it's disallowed, but we try to steer clear of topics such as religion, politics, and anything else that could get someone heated.
Televised Shows

Monday Night Mayhem!
1.) You guessed it, this is our weekly show. We will post venues that the show is being held in each week.
2.) Our Role-Play deadline is 12:00 am EST, Sunday morning. (ie. this falls between 11:59pm on Saturday night, and 12:01am on Sunday morning.)
3.) There are no maximum, nor minimum amount of role-plays for you to put up. However, we do suggest at least one.

1.)We CURRENTLY have 6 pay-per-views (supercards) per year. There are plans to add more in time. Our current shows are;
a.) February - Heartbreak
b.) April - Collision Course = Our Wrestlemania!
c.) June - Bash In The Bay This takes place in Lambeau Field, Wisconsin.
d.) August - Global Warning
e.) October - Halloween Hell
f.) December - Final Countdown

2.) Our Role-Play deadline is 12:00am EST, Saturday morning. (ie. this falls between 11:59pm Friday night, and 12:01am Saturday morning.)
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All Information
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