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 1.) The Viper

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Dale Wade

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PostSubject: 1.) The Viper   Thu Aug 27, 2009 2:02 am

Wrestlers name: The Viper

Poser : Sting

Heel or face? (good or bad) : Face

describe your wrestlers: The Viper stands at 6 feet tall and weighs in at 230 pounds. The Viper wears black wrestling tights/tank top one piece, black boots, black elbow pads,

and black grappling gloves. The legs of the tights are decorated with a red design similar to that of a tribal arm band. He wears face paint that varies from week to week, but

the colors are always Black, White, and occasionally Red.

What style is your wrestler: Big Risk Taker, Willing to flip off of the ropes. Agile, yet physical.

Ring entrance: The Viper's entrance music is Down With The Sickness by Disturbed
The arena goes pitch black and the drum line begins to play. The Screen shows the words 'Can You Feel That?' A huge explosion on stage (kane) occurs right before the guitar picks up. After the explosion, red lights flash on and off. Eventually The Viper walks out onto stage he begins to walk to the ring at normal pace. He dives and slides under the bottom rope and proceeds to climb a turnbuckle. Once on the top he raises both arms up, fists clenched and back flips off the top down to the ring. When his feet hit that mat four more pyros shoot out of the ring posts. He then waits the match start.

Top 5 moves: Swanton Bomb, DDT, Belly to Belly Suplex, Lionsault, Somersault into a clothesline

Submission moves: The Venom(Stepover Toehold Facelock (John Cena's STFU)

Weapon of choice if any: Chair

Sub Finisher: Groin Kick and/or gut kick

finisher: The Strike - After kicking an opponent in the groin and/or gut The Viper jumps forward (to the left of his opponent) and places his left hand on his opponents

forehead. His right hand reaches around the back and grabs the neck of the opponent. This causes both superstars' legs to extend out in opposite directions as they slam to the

ground. It is a modified swinging neckbreaker.

Small Bio: Growing up as an athletic student The Viper quickly learned the payoff of taking risks. Although he learned they could fail miserably the rewards for a successful

flip was well worth it. Having majored in psychology The Viper rarely falls victim to psychological attacks. However, when fighting Giants he must rely on speed as his

strength falls way short of those likes. As he worked his way through the ranks of wrestling he has gained legions of wrestling friends. However, he has betrayed teamates to

gain singles gold. He has been missing from action in any federation for a few years now.
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1.) The Viper
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