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 2.) Will Gallo

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Dale Wade

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PostSubject: 2.) Will Gallo   Thu Aug 27, 2009 2:31 am

Wrestler Name-"Mr.Nasty"Will Gallo

Wrestler Picture /Poser- Triple H


Description- Height-6'5 Weight 270 Brown shoulder length hair, wears black trunks,boots,elbow and knee pads. Initials W.G. in gold on boots.

Small Bio.- Born in Pittsburgh,Pa. Lives in Miami,Fla. Trained by Ric Flair and Arn Anderson in North Carolina.

Ring Entrance- As the sound of Master of Puppets by Metallica blairs filling the arena,Black and gold spotlights illuminate the stage and ramp leading to the ring. Will Gallo walks out onto the stage hands on hips as the crowd showers him with boo's and jeer's. He stands there for a moment and relishes in the hatred aimed at him. The Highlights of recent matches playing on the replay screen, His trademark black jacket with his initials in Gold on the back with Mr.Nasty underneath them shines from the spotlights,As he strolls down the ramp to the ring he adjusts his black elbow pads. as he reaches the ring area he stops and walks over to a young fan waving a sign by the barricade. Gallo takes the sign from the younster and glances at it,Then he fakes giving it back to the young fan rips the sign in half and throws it down onto the floor. The crowd reacts with more boo's as Gallo slowly ascends the steel steps and into the ring.Gallo mounts the second turnbuckle and faces the crowd using vulgar hand jestures aimed their way.He does this in each corner then as his music dies down black and gold pyro shoots up into the air from the ring posts. Gallo turns and looks back towards the stage and awaits his opponent

Top 5 Moves- Flying clothesline,DDT,Gordbuster,Spinebuster,standerd suplex

Finisher(s)-Tombstone Piledriver, Pittsburgh Plunge(PEDIGREE), Figure Four
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2.) Will Gallo
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